Army Institute of Technology
Permanently Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, NBA, NAAC with 'A' Grade Accredited

Col K E Vijayan(Retd)


On a recent morning, some students and staff of AIT visited CME, Lake Area on cycles and spent about two hours walking around the 'Middle Lake'. They also visited the International Rowing Channel (2 km x 150m x 75m) which is unique in South Asia.

One important thing which was noticed by everybody was the CME Campus was absolutely 'litter free'.

We in AIT are striving for 'Zero Waste' and 'Litter Free' campus. Both go hand in hand. We have been successful in both aspects to some extent.

We are modifying the main lawn of AIT so as to include a walking path and benches for use by all. However, we would solicit all help to keep it litter free.

All possible indoor locations in AIT have been provided with waste baskets. We have 'waste bins' outdoors.

All are requested to ensure the following

  • Put all waste material in the nearest waste bin.
  • Encourage others also to follow the same.
  • Do not take bottles/cans of soft drink/water to the benches/seating area.
  • If you find any litter anywhere, please put it in the nearest waste bin.
  • Do not throw pieces of paper/polythene/ wrappings on the road/in the campus.
  • Do not encourage dogs/cats by feeding them. They will in turn break down the waste bins in search of food. They also dirty the premises by vomit/stool. Moreover, they may be carriers of diseases

All are requested to help in the above endeavor and keep our campus 'clean and beautiful'. Further suggestions for beautification of the campus are always welcome.