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About Alumni

The first batch of students joined the college in 1994 and graduated in 1998. They, as every succeeding graduating class, all share a common link with the college, built up through the years spent at the campus with possibly the most beautiful sunsets in Pune.

Of course, there is more to the AIT experience: for instance, the gathering of bright minds from all across India, the first college experience for young high-school graduates, the student clubs, the inter-college and youth festivals (at which AITians have a reputation for excellence), sports meets, the lecturers and staff - and many other personal memories that each Alumnus has.

The other link all AIT Alumni share is their connection to the Indian Army. Many know each other before coming to Pune, perhaps having spent some of their childhood years together at a far away military outpost, but all take away some special friendships. The Adjutant General (AG) of the Indian Army is the ex-officio Chairman of the Board of Governors of AIT, which body has many senior officers as its members.

Members of the Association are now spread all over India and across the world. They are to be found not just in traditional engineering or Information Technology concerns, but also in the world's leading educational institutions, financial and professional services firms, creative agencies and entrepreneurial efforts - this is not a comprehensive list!

The aim of the Alumni Association is to allow each Alumnus - a fresh graduate or one from the first batches - to leverage professional contacts, renew or build social ones and to constructively contribute to the community and the Alma Mater.

Mission & Objectives

The main purpose of the this Association is to provide an organization through which the Alumni of AIT around the world, and faculty, staff and students of the institute can interact with each other for mutual benefit and to further the objectives outlined in the Mission Statement, which are as follows:

  • Alumni :To facilitate improvement in networking among alumni by providing a platform for social interactions and enable higher levels of interactions and enable interactions between alumni for mutual benefit in academic and/or business areas.
  • Institute :To facilitate and encourage alumni to contribute towards improvement in the status of the institute in areas pertaining to academics, infrastructure, industry interactions and any other area that the alumni and the institute feel appropriate.
  • Students :To render assistance to students of the institute through grants, scholarships and prizes and to provide assistance in academics, placement or any other area that is felt appropriate by the association and the institute. The association shall also work towards better interaction between the alumni and students by providing forums and creating opportunities for such interactions.
  • Society :To encourage and facilitate the alumni taking up activities geared to improve society at large - particularly the underprivileged sections of society

Illustrious Alumni

Name of Alumni Batch Branch Current Position & Achievements
Mr Dhruv Kapur 1998 COMP Director, Sapient Consulting Ltd
Mr Akshay Johar 1998 COMP Principal Test Manager, Microsoft
Mr Aditya Deshpande 1998 E&TC Director, Roamware India
Captain Surinder S Yadav (MNI) 1999 MECH CEO & MD, Aastha Group of Companies
Mr Vijay Dwivedi 1999 COMP Director, Sandvine India
Mr Rishi Bhatnagar 1999 E&TC AVP, JP Morgan Chase
Mr Nitin Nagaich 1999 E&TC MD, Convate
Mr Navjot Virk 1999 COMP Principal Program Manager, Microsoft
Mr Arvind Rathore 1999 E&TC VP, SGCIB
Mr Puneet Punj 2000 E&TC Sr VP & Regional Head, DBS Bank Ltd
Mr Sahil Mathur 2000 COMP Manager, Facebook
Mr Sumit Roy Chowdhury 2000 COMP Sr Manager, Deloitte
Dr Anuraag Mohan 2001 E&TC Sensor Architecht, Maxim Integrated
Mr Devinder Singh 2001 MECH Business Unit Head-Fastening & Accessories, Stanley Black & Decker Inc
Mr Shashikant Singh Tomar 2001 2001 Head-Business Development, De Laval Pvt Ltd
Mr Tonmoy Dutta Roy 2001 MECH Research Scientist, Govt of Australia
Mr Nikhil Lasrado 2001 COMP Consultant, IBM Canada
Mr Javed M Shah 2001 COMP Director, CISSP Prolifics
Mr Amit Aggarwal 2001 MECH Strategy Manager, Hewlett Packard
Mr Dious Emmanuel 2002 E&TC Vice President-Software Sales Services (MEA), Dhanush Infotech, Kenya)
Mr Subroto Dey 2002 COMP Director, Broadridge
Mr Pawan Kartik 2002 E&TC Director, Capgemini Australia
Mr Nishant Antony 2002 COMP Senior Test Lead, Microsoft
Mr Navinder Dullat 2002 COMP COO, QI Life Care
Mr Gourav Sinha 2002 E&TC Maximojo Software
Mr Ankush Tiwari 2002 E&TC VP, Agreeya Mobility
Mr Alok Arora 2002 E&TC Director, PRGX
Mr Kuldeep Singh 2003 E&TC Associate Director, Cognizant Technology Solutions
Ms Sarita Iyengar 2003 E&TC AVP, HSBC Singapore
Mr Hitesh Kalra 2003 MECH Strategist, Google
Ms Shikha Rana 2005 IT AVP, Barclays Capital
Mr Manish Gupta 2006 E&TC VP, Royal Bank of Scotland PLC, London

Alumni Entrepreneurs

Name of Alumni Batch Branch Organisation
Mr B Sateesh Chandrashekhar 1998 COMP Ideavate Solutions, Indore
Mr Vikram Roopchand 1999 COMP Dimentrix Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune
Mr Vikram Sareen 2000 COMP Molla Technologies
Mr Anupam Ratha 2000 COMP Ezmcom, Delhi
Mr Arun Narayanan 2001 E&TC Carmatec, Bangalore
Mr Preet Pal Singh 2002 COMP Hashmap Inc
Mr Vinayak Sharma 2002 COMP Byteridge, Hyderabad
Ms Shweta Shalini 2002 MECH Fortune Cookies, Pune
Mr Puru Gupta 2002 E&TC Healthy World, Delhi
Mr G S Kalsi 2002 E&TC Blue Shores, Pune
Mr M Rajesh 2002 COMP Indix, Chennai
Mr Vijender Yadav 2003 COMP Propalms, Pune
Mr Jivtesh Singh 2003 E&TC Sublime Edge Pragmatic Solutions, Mohali
Mr Jagdish Repaswal 2003 COMP Mango Sense, Pune
Mr Hemant Bhatt, Mr Varun Jain, Mr Rahul Pilkhwal 2003 COMP Tavisca Solutions, Pune
Mr Sudhanshu Raheja 2004 E&TC Vercingetorix Technologies, Pune
Mr Nikhil Prasad 2004 E&TC Appacitive, Pune
Mr Anurag Joshi 2005 IT Acumenture
Mr Karan Rai 2005 E&TC Redpanda Innovation Labs
Mr Vishwajeet Singh 2006 MECH Sensible Software, Pune
Mr Sandeep Mukhopadhyay 2007 IT Agnie Media Software
Mr Rahul Uppal 2007 IT The Whiteboarding Company, Pune
Mr Santosh Singh 2008 COMP Ommune IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
Ravi Kumar/ Varun Jain 2009 MECH Upcurve Software Consulting (Udchalo)
Mr Vivek Yadav 2010 MECH Engineering Technology Research Labs, Delhi

Contact Us

Name of Alumni Location Responsibility EMail
Mr Roshan Khan Bangalore Co-ordinator, Bangalore
Mr Vinayak Sharma Hyderabad Co-ordinator, Hyderabad
Mr Raju Kumar NCR Co-ordinator, NCR
Mr Shashikant Singh Tomar Pune Honorary Secretary
Ms Shweta Shalini Pune Jt Secretary
Mr Vishwajeet Singh Pune Honorary Treasurer
Mr Vijender Yadav Pune President

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Notices and Rules & Regulations

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