Army Institute Of Technology
Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, NBA, NAAC with 'A' Grade Accredited
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About Department

Degrees Offered : BE(Electronics & Telecommunication)

Duration : 4 years

Intake : 60 seats


To create an environment, conducive for overall development of a student by achieving a position of excellence in technical education and research activities in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.


Establish a unique teaching learning environment to enable the students and faculty to face the challenges of the Electronics and Communication Engineering field and also provide a framework for promoting collaborative and multidisciplinary activities and work towards achieving center of excellence in the areas of Signal processing, VLSI and Embedded systems.

Impart knowledge in the field of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, to solve complex technological problems, to inculcate lifelong learning ability and to prepare the students for successful engagement in commercial and industrial enterprise, research and development.

Provide students with a kind of environment that combines rigorous academics and intellectual stimulation of attitude, values and vision for serving humanity.

Provide strong theoretical foundation, practical engineering skills, experience in interpersonal communication & team work, ethics, professional conduct and critical thinking.

The Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1. To prepare students for postgraduate courses, research and successful careers in Electronic, Computer, Communication & IT Industry, providing necessary background and other basic engineering fields particularly in electrical, electronics and mathematics

PEO2. To develop the ability among students to analyze and synthesize the data for applications to electronics product design and to enable students to simulate, analyze and solve electronics and communication engineering problems.

PEO3. To provide students a familiarity with professional issues in electronics and Telecommunication Engineering including innovation, ethics, issues related to global economy and emerging technology and promote important skills such as oral & written communication.

PEO4. To promote students awareness of lifelong learning through an excellent academic environment & provide them opportunity to work in teams on multidisciplinary projects, improving the communication skills or with requisite technical & behavioral skills/graduate attributes.

Program Outcomes (POs)

  1. Engineering knowledge: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.
  2. Problem analysis: Identify, formulate, review research literature, and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering sciences.
  3. Design/development of solutions: Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.
  4. Conduct investigations of complex problems: Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.
  5. Modern tool usage: Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.
  6. The engineer and society: Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.
  7. Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.
  8. Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.
  9. Individual and team work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.
  10. Communication: Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.
  11. Project management and finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.
  12. Life-long learning: Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO’s)

  1. Graduate will demonstrate an ability to identify, formulate & solve Electronics & Communication Engineering problems.
  2. Graduate will demonstrate an ability to design electronic circuits & systems, conduct experiment, analyze & interpret the data. and work on multidisciplinary projects.
  3. Graduate who can pursue higher studies or get placed in Electronics, Communication or IT based companies

Salient Features

  1. NBA re-accredited for 2 years from Jul 16
  2. State of art laboratory facilities
  3. Well qualified and experienced faculty, skilled technical staff
  4. MOU’s with NVIDIA, Bharat Forge, Gill Instruments for Industry Institute Interaction and projects.
  5. Excellent results and placement
  6. Effective teaching learning process and modern infrastructure


  1. Well-equipped laboratories
  2. Sponsored laboratories by NVIDIA, Phytec and Texas Instruments
  3. Four classrooms with modern teaching aids like LCD, internet connectivity
  4. Eleven Faculty rooms with computing & internet facility with Intercom
  5. Computing facilities with internet and LAN and modern software
  6. HODs Office


  1. NBA Accreditation
  2. MOU’s with industries
  3. Publication of Papers and books by faculty
  4. More than 11 faculty members are pursuing PhD
  5. Funded R&D projects

Laboratories and Software

The department is equipped with state of art, ultra-modern and sophisticated labs. The laboratories cater to the requirements of curriculum and beyond the curriculum learning. The modern test and measuring instruments are available in the labs along with training kits. There are 130 computers connected in LAN. The institute has Internet connectivity of 100Mbps leased line, 100 Mbps NKN + 2Mbps Aircell Backup. There are number of softwares like Matlab, Labview, Xilinx, Multisim, Microwind etc. to cater to simulation and design automation needs.

The department has following laboratories:

  1. Basic Electronics Lab
  2. Digital & Microprocessor Lab
  3. Power Electronics & Network Lines Lab
  4. Programming Lab
  5. Computer Systems Lab
  6. VLSI & Embedded System Lab
  7. Communication Lab
  8. PCB Lab
  9. Robotics & Project Lab
  10. Advanced Communication Lab


  1. MATLAB Base module R2014a with Toolboxes
       Signal Processing Toolbox
       Communication Toolbox
       Image Processing Toolbox
       DSP systems Toolbox
  2. Xilinx Make ISE series US-ISE-FND(VER 9.1)
  3. Microwind Software 3.5
  4. Triton IDE Dongle based for ARM7
  7. Kaspersky Antivirus

Student Centered Activities

  • Various activities such as workshops seminars and guest lectures are organized
  • Students are encouraged to take up projects.
  • IETE Student chapter
  • Industrial Visits are organized for students.

Result and Placement

  • Consistently good results
  • In terms of placement, E&Tc students have a wide scope of opportunities in various companies like Microsoft, Infosys, Calsoft, Persistent, IBM, Wipro, Canbay, L & T Infotech, TATA Consultancy Services, etc.


  • Bharat Forge
  • Gill Instruments
  • Helium Ink
  • 3DPLM
  • Phytec

HOD's Desk

The Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering in AIT strives hard to provide a very good learning experience to its students. The strength of the department has been and continues to be excellence in teaching and we are slowly progressing in research and development activities as well. The department has developed the state-of-art infrastructure, well equipped laboratories, departmental library, classrooms with modern teaching aids. These facilities create conducive environment for teaching-learning process, and act as catalyst for quality technical education.

The faculty of the department is well qualified, and motivated with a strong commitment to teaching and research. The faculty continuously upgrades themselves to keep pace with rapidly changing technology.

The good efforts our faculty and students are always reflected in the university results. The department is able to have university rank holders almost every year.

We provide our students with several value added courses to augment various panorama of their career. Students are also encouraged to undergo supervised practical training in different industries so as to get hands-on experience and become employable technocrats. Our department endeavors to provide best professional opportunities to our students and look forward to their bright future. We, as a team resolve to take the department to heights of success and glory and prepare for the forthcoming challenges. Thus, we are confident that our students will emerge as assets not only to this institution and to the organization they belong, but also to the country at large.

Our alumni occupy high positions in industry and army, in India and abroad. Their accomplishments have been outstanding and reflect on the quality training imparted at the undergraduate level. The excellent performance of our alumni has enabled the department to maintain its strong reputation.

Faculty & Staff


# Name of Staff Designation Email ID View Profile
1 Dr B P Patil Professor & Principal View Profile
2 Dr G R Patil Professor & HOD,
View Profile
3 Mrs K S Surekha Associate Professor View Profile
4 Mr D G Auradkar Associate Professor View Profile
5 Dr. Parshuram B Karandikar Associate Professor View Profile
6 Mr J B Jawale Assistant Professor View Profile
7 Mr Vijay Kumar Karra Assistant Professor View Profile
8 Ms Sushma Wadar Assistant Professor View Profile
9 Mr Avinash Patil Assistant Professor View Profile
10 Ms Renuka Bhandari Assistant Professor View Profile
11 Mrs. Preeti Warrier Assistant Professor View Profile
12 Mr Girish Kapse Assistant Professor View Profile
13 Mrs Rajashree Suryawanshi Assistant Professor View Profile
14 Mrs Shilpa Pawar Assistant Professor View Profile
15 Ms Manisha Nilkanth Assistant Professor View Profile
16 Mrs Snehal Marathe Assistant Professor View Profile
17 Ms Dhanashree Patil Assistant Professor View Profile
18 Ms Pragati Rana Assistant Professor View Profile
19 Ms. Shraddha Oza Assistant Professor sdoza@ View Profile
20 Mrs. Harjeet Kaur Assistant Professor View Profile
21 Mrs. Sharda Patil Assistant Professor View Profile
22 Mr Sandeep Mishra Assistant Professor View Profile
23 Ms. Sonal Nikam Assistant Professor View Profile
24 Mr.Tushar Chitare Assistant Professor View Profile

Technical Staff

# Name of Staff Designation Email ID Qualification
Sujata Kadam Technical Assistant Diploma in E&TC
Rajashree Challamarad Comp. Programmer B.E(E&TC)
Ashok Katole Technical Assistant Diploma in E&TC
Nitesh Sukhadeve Lab. Assistant Diploma in E&TC
Mohini Shendge Lab. Assistant Diploma in E&TC
Vidya Jadhav Lab. Assistant DETE, ADCSSA
Praveen Sangle Lab. Assistant BE(E&TC)
Neha Shinde Lab. Assistant BE(E&TC)
Pranoti Magdum Lab. Assistant Diploma in E&TC

Students Roll

SrNoRegd NoRollNoName of Student
2165771204ABHISHEK Kumar SINGH
3166401205ABHISHEK Yadav
4166721206ABHISHEK Yadav
5167381207Aditya SINGH
6168071208ADRASH SINGH
7167871209Akash Bhadoria
8164551210Akash Tandle
9167001211Aman SINGH
10166091212Amarjeet Saini
11166851213Amit Joshi
12163831214Anshu Banerjee
13166541215Ananya Tewari
14167721216Ananya Shyamal
15167031217Anil Kumar
16167021218ANISH KUMAR
17167991219Anjani kumar dubey
19166771221Ankit Bisht
20165761222ANKIT YADAV
21164561223Ankur Chopra
22164641224ANKUSH MANDAL
23167291226Aravinda Hati
24162191227ASHISH MISHRA
25167011229Bharat Prasad Dixit
27166571231Deepak Kumar
28167611232Deepak Kumar
29168121233deepak kumar
30166861234Deepak Kumar Yadav
31166191235Deepak Yadav
32168101236Sushil Bapurao Dhembare
33166591237Dhiraj sharma
34166781238saikiran donkana
35163201239Gaurav Manoj Salaskar
36166521241Govind Kumar Mishra
37167571242Hitabrata Nath
38166561243Kanika Manhas
39167441245Vijayakrishna Rao Kurra
40164131246Manish Shakya
41166371247Manjit Singh
42167801248Megha Darshani DARSHANI Swain
43165891249Mohit Yadav
44167631250Mritunjay Kumar Singh
45166321251Pavan Kumar Nangi Reddy
46166921252Neeraj Kumar Singh
47165391253Abhishek Kushwaha
48168141254Raushan Kumar
49168291256VARSHIT YADAV
50168311257Nawab Alam
51168151258Rana Sourav Kumar Singh
52168161259Arun Singh
53179111260Sanjeevani Sawant
56179321264NIKHIL RAJULE
SrNoRegd NoRollNoName of Student
1167495201Nitesh Kumar
2166745202Paila Srinivasa Rao
3166295204Pankaj Kumar
4167145205Parwinder Singh
5166935206Pawan Kumar
6166035207Pooja Gangola
7167675208Pooja Kumari
8167695209Prateek Singh
9167515210Prerna Singh
10165005211Raashik Kariappa
11166075212Rahul Singh
12167115213Ranjeet Singh
13166705214Raunak Pandey
14166685215Richa TIWARI
15165925216Rishabh singh
16167935217Rishab Tiwari
17167125218Ritika Nararkoti
18165975219Ritika Rain
19167985222Sachin Chauhan
20166165223SACHIN KUMAR
21166715224Sahil Sachan
22166335225Sahil Sharma
23165435226Sakshi Kulhari
24166105228Sharad Singh Bisht
25166235229Shashank Sharma
26166645230SHIVA PAL
28164095232SHIVANI VERMA
29166315233SIMON SINGH
32167275237SUFI ALI
33167215238SUNIL KUMAR
36165945241SURBHI SHARMA
37163655242SWATI JHA
38168035243Utkarsh Vinod Mishra
39165175244Vatsal Rai
40165485245Venkateshwar Tiwary
41167395246Vichitar Singh
42167155247VICKY PACHORI
43167335248VIKAS MISHRA
45168015250Vinish Kumar
46167955251Yashveer Singh
47168205252Sachin Gaur
48168195253A Rahul
49168175254Jitendra Gupta
50168305257Shobhan Nath
52179175260AKSHAY TIWARI
53179185261Uma Kumari
54179195262Mukesh Kumar Lohani
56179245264VINAY KUMAR
58179335266p suraj kumar
SrNoRegd NoRollNoName of Student
1156281301Aashish Kumar Shukla
2156481302Abhinandan Singh
3155961303Abhishek Kumar
4155251304Abhishek Tiwari
5156561305Abhishek Yadav
6156201306Ajay Kumar Pandiri
7155131307Akash Tomar
8155951308Ambuj Tripathi
9154881309Anandhu R Nair
10155161310Ankit Chaudhary
11155991311Anurudh Palla
12156051312Aparna Choudhari
13157191313Arpit Dhankar
14155711314Arpita Guha
15157071315Arvind Rana
16155331316Ashwin Arya
17156101317Avdesh Gurjar
18156721318Avinash Kumar
19155041319Ayush Chauhan
20156071320Bikash Sahoo
21157131321Arvind Burela
22155371322Briham Prakash
24155151324Deepak Singh
25156351325Dharmender Singh
26155571326Divya Jyoti Mandal
27155891327Gautam Kumar
28155611328Gokul Singh
29152661329Gunjan Pandey
30155441330Gunna Sai Ram Reddy
31152571331Gurparkar singh
32153041332Hari Singh
33155831333Jastej Singh Lotay
34157081334Jeevan Beniwal
35156091335Jitender Singh Raghav
36157351336Jyotsna Singh
37156211337Kamesh Tiwari
38152961338Kasi Vinay Kumar
39154101339Keshav Sukal
40156231340Mahender Singh Godara
41156081341MANISH KUMAR
42157401342MANISH KUMAR
43157231343Manoj Kumar Dash
45152921345NAVEEN KUMAR
46156621346Nikhil Kapoor
47156961347nikhil parmar
48157551348Vrinda Shah
49157711349Koshik Raj Karwa
50157681350Anmoal Porwal
51158041351ashish kumar
521610021352Ravinder Singh
541610051354Bipul Kumar
551610061355Bhupendra Garg
571620211357Videh Raj Singh
58147071358Dheeraj Kumar
SrNoRegd NoRollNoName of Student
1155175301Nitin Singh
2156915302Nitin Rawat
3157125303Parvinder Singh Singh
4154925304Sudhir Kumar Patel
5156975305Ravi Theja Pilla
6155435306Prashant Chand
7156885307Praveen Kumar S
8156685308Priti Kumari
9155695309Priyabrata Samantaray
11157435311Rahul Walia
12157115312Rahul Yadav
13155055313Rajendra Pal Singh
14152565314Rakshanda Singh
15157265315Ramendra Singh Yadav
16155625316Ranbir Singh
17154255317Robin Malik
18156275318Rohit Dimri
19155405319Rohit Kumar Ranjan
20156795320Rohit Singh Bisht
21157465321Romi Kulashri
22155065322s pavithra
23155675323sachin karwasra
24152125324Sadhika Parashar
26156515326Sandeep Kumar
28155295328saumya bhagwat
29156415329Saurabh Sharma
30152835331Shriya Nagrath
31155325332Shubham Dwivedi
32157245333Shubham Printe
33156295334Shubhanshu Kushwah
34156775335Siddharth Dahiya
35155475336Smruthi GS
36156955337Sumit Kumar
37155535338Sumit Santosh Kadam
38157325339Sunil Kumar
39154585340SURAJ MISHRA
43156765344Vineet Kumar Tripathi
45155885346Vivek Kumar
46155315347Yshwant Kumar Rana
47155985348Yogesh Mokashe
48153965349Gesso George
49155795350Manoj Joshi
51156925352Devendra Mishra
52157335353Abhishek Patial
53156425354Sumit Kumar Singh
54155905355Vivek Rajan Verma
551610075357Ajay Thakur
561610095358NITIN MISHRA
571610105359Uday kumar
581610125360Chandan Kumar Yadav
591610165361Shireen Dash
60179315362bhagyashri shinde
SrNoRegd NoRollNoName of Student
1144341401Aavriti Bhatt
2146481402Abhimanyu Kanotra
4143641405Aditya Singh
5146991406Ajay Kumar Pandey
6144941407Ajeet Pandey
7147201408Akshay Malta
8144871409Aman Yadav
9144561410Amit Kumar Bangrwa
10147321411Amit Singh Bhadoria
11147151412Amit Singh Kushwah
12146771413Amitanshu Bose
13147411414Amiya Raina
14141591415Ankit Kumar Singh
15143611416Ankush Kumar
16144321417Annapareddy Krishna Reddy
17146461418Ashwin S Siwan
18146471419Avinash Kumar
19146781420Ayush Bhandari
20144921421Bharat Singh
21145451422Bhavesh Singh Solanki
22142831423Bikram Kumar Panda
23143241424Binesh Kumar
24140831425Biswajita Panda
25144161426Chandan Kumar
26146391427Chandra Shekhar Patel
27146191428Deepak Yadav
28146431429Deepak Kumar
30144951431Dhiraj Bhatt
31147031432Geetprakash Ramprakash Maurya
33145201434Himanshu D Gulhane
34147191435Indu Dwivedi
35143881436Kajal Mehta
36146411437Karan Singh
37147081439Akshay S Khonde
38146251440Krishna Priya
39147171441Kumari Minu
40147611442Yogesh Kumar
41147521443Ridhi Purohit
42147741444Hitesh Singh
43145591445Ritesh Nadgyal
44146091446Rupesh Kumar
45147701447Pankaj Kumar
46147941448Amit Kumar
47143681449Mehtab Singh
48146491450Priyanka Rawat
49148081451Rahul Aledia
50159091452Ganesh Dhanwanth Jadhav
51159101453Sachin Kate
52159081454Deepak Singh
53159181455Akshay Yashwant Suryawanshi
54124211457Mithun K James
55115601458Dhruv Khosla
56135801459Tanishq Sethi
SrNoRegd NoRollNoName of Student
1146205401KUNAL SHARMA
2146845402kuncha akhilesh kumar
4146805404Mahesh Kumar Rajput
5146735405Manjeet Kumar
6145815406Monika Rai
7147305407NAVEEN SINGH
8143465408Niharika Mishra
10146635410Pankaj Kumar
11145085411PARVEEN KUMAR
12146655412Pawnesh Yadav
13145895413POOJA RATHORE
14146225414Prabhat Tripathi
15146955415Praveen Kumar
16143925416Priya Jakhar
18147125418Puneet Kumar
19143835419Rabindra Kumar
20147055420Rabish Raj
21142675421Rakesh Kumar Pathak
22146565422Ramnik Sharma
23147215423Ravi Ranjan Kumar
24147265424Ravleen Kaur
25146215425Rishabh Prajapati
26144905426Sarthak Singh
27147225427Shivam Kumar
28146665428Shobhit Rastogi
29147145429Shreya Sood
30141535430Shruti Choudhari
31146725431Shubham Dey
32146715432SHUBHAM GAUR
33145505433Shubham Kumar Mishra
34145875434Sunand Pal
35147505435suraj kumar
36143155436swadesna rout
37145745437TARUN BAGHMAR
38147475438Udbhav Pangotra
39146745439Vaishnavi Gaddi
41143585441Vikas Kumar
42145355442Vishvander Singh
43147635443RAJAT TANWAR
44147365444ANKIT RAUTELA
45147685445NIRAJ KUMAR
46147865446Prem Prakash Prince
47142885448Brahmananda Manohar
48141495449Rajesh Singh Vishnoi
49147845450Rahul Sharma
50147925451Abhishek Kumar Sah
51148015453Riya Mandal
53159135455Rohit B Khot
54159145456Priyanka Shewale
55159155457Umesh Kumar
561610145458Shailesh Byale

University Result: Toppers List

SE E&TC (17-18 Sem I)

Rank Name of the Student SGPA
I Abhijit Bhosle 9.84
II Dhembare Sushil
Mohit Yadav
III Sahil Sachan 9.20

TE E&TC - (17-18 Sem I)

Rank Name of the Student SGPA
I Kasi VS Vinay Kumar
Nagrath Shriya
Vineet Kumar Tripathi
II Bikash Chandra Sahoo 9.09
III Gunjan Kumar Pandey 9.04

BE E&TC - (17-18 Sem I)

Rank Name of the Student Percentage
I Priya Jakhar 83.20
II Pooja Rathore 82.30
III Kumari Minu 79.5


Staff Activities

Student Activities

Workshops/ Seminars/Guest Lectures


Research & Development

Year : 2016-2017

Faculty Incharges

  • Dr. P.B.Karandikar
  • Prof.D.G.Auradkar
  • Prof. Avinash Patil

Student Members

  • Avinash Kumar
  • Amitanshu Bose
  • Akshay Malta
  • Mahesh Rajput

Ongoing Projects

  • Temperature monitoring system
  • Quadcopter
  • Auto Street light control
  • Computer Interface system for blind person
  • Auto file delivery system
  • Aquaponics
  • Swarm Robot Communication protocol

Faculty Research Funding Projects

SrNo Name of Faculty Title of Research Project Funding Agency Amount (Rs.)
1. Prof Mrs K.S. Surekha To Develop a new efficient compression algorithm for Electrocardiogram signals. Board of College & University Development (BCUD), University of Pune. 1,00,000/-
2. Prof Mrs K.S. Surekha along with three final year students Low cost 12 lead ECG signal acquisition display and storage with telemetric comp ability. Institution of Engineers 50,000/-
3. Ms. Sushma Wadar
Mr. Avinash Patil
Designing of a CMOS based analog multiplier Board of College & University Development (BCUD), University 2,00,000/-
4. Mrs Sushma Wadar RISC processor implementation Board of College & University Development (BCUD), University of Pune 50,000/-
5. Mr. G R Patil
Mrs. Renuka Bhandari
Study and Implementation of MIMO based wireless communication system Board of College & University Development (BCUD), University of Pune. 1,40,000/-
6. Dr. B.P.Patil
Mrs. Rajashri Suryawanshi
Performance evaluation of large MIMO Board of College & University Development (BCUD), University of Pune. 1,70,000/-
7. Dr. B. P .Patil
Ms. Dhanashree Patil
Ms. Pragati Rana
Performance evaluation of indoor navigation system Board of College & University Development (BCUD), University of Pune. 1,40,000/-
8. Mr. J B Jawale
Mr. Vijay Karra/Students
Solar Panel cleaning system M/s. Keerti Enterprises 75,000/-

Industry Institute Interactions

Industry-Academia Collaboration

SrNo Name of Faculty Name and Address of Industry
1. Dr. Gajanan R Patil BSNL, Entuple Technology Pune,
Amitech India Delhi
2. Mrs. Surekha KS NVIDIA
Helium Ink
3. Dr. PB Karandikar Madhav Capacitors
4. Mr. DG Auradkar Wavelet Group Pvt. Ltd.Pune,
Helium Ink Bangalore
5. Mr. Jitendra B Jawale Industrial storing Automation, Pune
INDWELL Autommation Pune
6. Ms. Sushama Wadar Gill Instruments,Banglore
7. Mr. Vijay Kunar Karra Tektronics
8. Mr. Avinash Patil Bharat Forge, Phytech Banglore
9. Mrs. Renuka Bhandari Symantec Pune
10. Mrs. Preeti Warrier Tox Pressotekniq Pune
11. Mr. Girish Kapse Persistant Systems Pvt. Ltd Pune
12. Mrs. Rajashri Suryawanshi Waterfield Retail Pvt. Ltd., Infosys
13. Ms. Manisha Nilkanth Nutan infotronics
14. Mrs. Shilpa Pawar Digitronics
15. Mrs. Marathe Snehal Osar Technology
16. Ms. Pragati Rana Finite 4 Enineering , Consultancy Service Pvt. Ltd.
17. Ms. Shraddha Oza EduTech Pvt. Ltd.
18. Ms. Dhanashri Patil Scientech
19. Ms. Harjeet Kaur LogiconTechno Solution Pvt. Ltd.Chinchwad
20. Ms. Dhanisha Khatri Power Electronics
21. Mrs. Amruta Joshi TATA Motors
22. Mrs. Shilpa Kokate Infosys

Industrial Visits


Basic Electronics Lab


Area : 64 Sq.m


  • - Aplab Single/Dual DC/Multioutput Power supply
  • - Universal System(Metex)
  • - PLC trainer kit with OR encoder
  • - Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • - Logic Analyser 24-Channels
  • - CRO with Freq Counter
  • - Function Generator
  • - Basic Electronics Experimental Kits
  • - IBM PIV Think Centre PCs

Digital & Microprocessor Lab


Area : 99.81 Sq.m


  • - Linear cum Digital IC Tester
  • - Function Generator / Counter
  • - Aplab Single regulated DC Power supply Digital Trainer Kits
  • - Microcontroller Trainer Kit
  • - ARM & Cortex kits
  • - HP I5 PCs
  • - IBM PIV Think Centre PCs
  • - Champion Make : 6 KVA Online UPS

Power Electronics & Network Lines Lab


Area : 67 Sq.m


  • - CROs/DSOs
  • - Function generator
  • - Aplab Single/Multioutput/Dual Dc power supply
  • - Universal System(Metex)
  • - SCR converters and reactive load
  • - Power Electronics Experimental Kits
  • - Labview Software
  • - HP I5 PCs
  • - Laser Printer
  • - UPS RM 3KVA

Programming Lab


Area : 68 Sq.m


  • - HP I5 PCs
  • - IBM PIV Think Centre PCs
  • - DB Electronics UPS 10 KVA
  • - Laser Printer
  • - HP 3400 Scanner
  • - BENQ DLP Projector
  • - Multisim Software

Computer Systems Lab


Area : 71.68 Sq.m


  • - HP 6200/6300/EliteDesk (I5) PCs
  • - Lenovo M90 I5 PCs
  • - HP Workstations with NVIDIA Graphic Cards
  • - Server IBM x255 Prestonia
  • - Eaton Make Online UPS
  • - Laser Printer
  • - HP Scanner
  • - Projector Infocus IN 112
  • - Matlab R2014 with toolboxes
  • - Kaspersky Antivirus

VLSI & Embedded System Lab(CS-II)


Area : 51.8 Sq.m


  • VAB DSP&TMS 320VL6711 DSK starter kit
  • DSP-6713 Starter Kits
  • Spartan III protoboard with onboard device XC3S400 PQ208
  • Arm-07 and Arm -09 Spirit Boards
  • MSP430 Microcontroller kits
  • Xilinx Make ISE series US-ISE-FND (VER 9.1)
  • Microwind Software 3.5
  • Triton IDE for windows 7

Communication Lab


Area : 66.6 Sq.m


  • Universal system
  • Arbitrary w/f generator
  • Frequency counter& function generator
  • 60 MHz oscilloscope
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • DSP 100 MHz with color LCD DS 1102 CD
  • Set-top box
  • Trainer Kits
  • HP I5 PC
  • IBM PIV Think Center PC



Area : 33 Sq.m


  • Proto-contact PCB Artwork Film Maker
  • Proto-cure02 PCB Curing Machine(Oven)
  • PCB Drilling machine
  • Photo resist dip coating machine
  • Proto-Etch PCB Etching machine
  • PCB Sharing Machine
  • Double Sided UV Exposure Unit
  • UV exposure unit

Robotics & Project Lab


Area : 68 Sq.m


  • Multi waveform Signal generator
  • Dual Trace Oscilloscope
  • Trace Oscilloscope
  • Regulated Power Supply
  • IBM PIV Think Centre PCs

Advanced Communication Lab


Area : 66.6 Sq.m


  • Microwave Test Bench, Reflex Klystron
  • Gunn diode, directional coupler, Waveguides, Antennes, Attenuators, Isolators, Keystron Tube, Optical Power Meter
  • Microwave Oven
  • Antenna Trainer Kit
  • Fiber Optics Experimental Kits
  • IBM PIV Think Centre PCs
  • Laser Printer