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Schlorship Details

Feb 2024 Award of Scholarships on AIT Day
Aug 2023 Notice 87/2023: Merit-cum Means Scholarship
Aug 2023 Notice 88/2023: Open Merit Scholarship
Jan 2023 Award of Scholarships On AIT Day-01 FEB 2023
Sep 2022 Merit Cum Means scholarship 2022
Sep 2022 Open Merit Scholarship
Feb 2022 Award of Scholarships on AIT Day - 24 Feb 2022(Notice no 24/2022)
20-21 J&K Scholarship 2020-21
20-21 Central Sector Scheme Of Scholarships 2020-21 on NSP
20-21 AICTE Pragati Scholarship Scheme 2020-21 on NSP
Nov 2021 Udchalo Scholarship 2021
Nov 2021 Hashmap Scholarship 2021
Nov 2021 Horizon Scholarship 2021
Nov 2021 Badve Scholarship 2021
Sep 2021 National Scholarship Portal
Jul 2021 Award of Scholarships Under ESSA for AY 2020-21
Mar 2021 Rolls-Royce Unnati scholarship 2021
Mar 2021 Merit Cum Means scholarship 2021
Fellowships Mar 2021 Swachhta Saarthi Fellowships
Prime Minister's Scholarship Scheme Circular      Details
Education Scholarship Scheme for Army Personnel Circular       Form
Scholarship Feb 2021 Pragati Scholarship Scheme
Scholarship(Notice No 16/2021) Award of Scholarships on AIT Day - 24 Feb 2021(16/2021)
Udchalo Scholarship(Notice No 07/2021) View
Hashmap Scholarship(100/2020) View
Badve Scholarship(99/2020) View
Horizon Scholarship(98/2020) View
Education Scholarship Scheme - 2020 View
Award Of Scholarships On AIT Day – 24 Feb 2020 View
Notice : Hashmap Scholarship (117/2019) View
Notice : Hashmap Scholarship (117/2019) View
Notice : Udchalo Scholarship View
Notice : Pragati and Saksham Schoalrship Schemes View
Notice : Badve Scholarship (106/2019) View
Notice : Horizon Scholarship (105/2019) View
Details Of Scholarships Being Awarded To Students : 24 Feb 19 View
Udchalo Scholarship Circular and Application Form View
Badve/Hashmap/Horizon Scholarships Circular and Application Form View

Education/ Scholar Loan

Education Loan Scheme for Serving Pers/ Their Wards/ Dependents Sisters
Application with Details (Updated on Aug 2023)

Education Loan to student of AIT, SBI Scholar Loan Scheme

Simplified Format of Education Loan Application
Application with Details

Indian Army Education Loan Scheme

Bank of Baroda Education Loan

PNB Education Loan

SBI Scholar Loan scheme
Interest Rate and Details