Army Institute Of Technology
Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, NBA, NAAC with 'A' Grade Accredited
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About Department

Degree Offered : BE - IT

Duration : 4 years

Intake : 60 seats


To become a centre of excellence and to produce high quality, creative and ethical engineers and technologists, contributing effectively to modern information society.


M1 : To impart total quality engineering education to serve the needs of modern information society and professional ethics to students.

M2 : To adopt the best pedagogical methods in order to maximize knowledge transfer

M3 : To carry out high quality research leading to the creation and commercialization of Intellectual Property.

M4 : To provide the best facilities, infrastructure, and environment to its students, researchers and faculty members, creating an ambience conducive for excellence in technical education and research.

The Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1 :To produce graduates who would have developed a strong background in basic science and mathematics and ability to use these tools in their chosen fields of specialization.

PEO2 :To produce graduates who have the ability to demonstrate technical competence in the fields of information Technology and develop solutions to the problems.

PEO3 :To produce graduates who would attain professional competence through life-long learning such as advanced degrees, professional registration, and other professional activities

PEO4 :To produce graduates who function effectively in a multi-disciplinary environment and individually, within a global, societal, and environmental context

PEO5 :To produce graduates with ethical and moral behavior attributes.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO’s)

  1. Graduate will demonstrate an ability to identify, formulate & solve computer science and Information Technology Engineering problems.
  2. Graduate will demonstrate an ability to investigate, design and develop software programs, analyze & interpret the data and work on multidisciplinary projects.
  3. Graduate who can pursue higher studies or get placed in Computer Science and IT based companies

Salient Features

  1. Department has been accredited by NBA, for the period 02 years
  2. Received grant of Rs 105000 /-
  3. Developed following ERP based projects
    • Student Information System
    • E-learning through Moodle
    • Microsoft Office 365 email deployment for communication
    • Student Feedback System

Faculty Contribution

  • Major contribution of faculty towards redesigning in curriculum of University of Pune by attending SE &TE Syllabus Implementation workshops.
  • All Senior faculty members have contributed in curriculum development.
  • 02 Faculty member completed the PhD and 02 faculty members are pursuing PhD.
  • Participation in attending and organizing workshops, seminars, conferences and FDP.


  • Well-equipped laboratories
  • Sponsored laboratories by Agriya Mobility
  • Three classrooms with modern teaching aids like LCD, internet connectivity
  • 6 Faculty rooms with computing & internet facility with Intercom
  • Computing facilities with internet and LAN and modern software
  • HODs Office, Seminar Room and Tutorial Room

Students Centered Activities

  • CSI Students Chapter:83 students enrolled for CSI students chapter. It organizes Seminars, Guest Lectures and Additional courses.
  • IEEE students branch activities
  • Microsoft IT Academy : .NET course for SE &TE students
  • Oracle WDP Program : Oracle Workforce Development program of 40 hrs for TE students
  • IBM Rational SEED Program : Train the trainer Program along with students.
  • Spoken Tutorial Video Lectures

Laboratories and Software

  • The department is equipped with state of art, ultra-modern and sophisticated labs.
  • The laboratories cater to the requirements of curriculum and beyond the curriculum learning.
  • The modern test and measuring instruments are available in the labs along with training kits.
  • The institute has Internet connectivity of 100Mbps leased line, 100 Mbps NKN + 2Mbps Aircell Backup.
  • There are number of softwares like Oracle 10g, ML Matlab 8.5, IBM Rational SEED Program RSA, NetSim Component 1 Ethernet- Fast Gigabit Arp etc to cater to simulation and programming needs.
The department has following laboratories:
  • IBM Rational SEED Program RSA
  • NetSim Component 1 Ethernet- Fast & Gigabit Arp
  • Cisco Packet tracer
  • Kaspersky Antivirus
  • ML Matlab 8.5
  • Oracle 10g


  • Best branch Award to the department.
  • Winner of Cultural event Aakriti continuously for last 03 years.

Result & Placement

  • Consistently good result
  • In terms of placement, IT students have a wide scope of opportunities in various companies like Microsoft, Infosys, Calsoft, Persistent, IBM, Wipro, Canbay, L & T Infotech, TATA ConsultancyServices, etc.
  • Higher average salary.


  • Oracle India Pvt Ltd
  • IBM India Pvt Ltd
  • Persistent Systems
  • ATS InfoTech Pvt Ltd (Microsoft Certified Partner)
  • Eaglet Gateways Software Network and Education solution Pvt. Ltd

HOD's Desk

"Strive for Excellence"

The department offers a four year under graduate course in Information Technology under University of Pune. The department was established in the year 2001 with an intake of 60 students.

Knowledge based confidence is integral to a successful engineer today and a successful manager tomorrow. The Department of Information Technology believes in shaping the students such that they are readily absorbed by the corporate and other professional organisations.

Our goal is to impart value based quality education along with development of positive attitude, skills and abilities to apply knowledge in order to meet challenges of the future.

The department is imparting required technical and practical knowledge to the students with classrooms and laboratories equipped with modern teaching aids, projection facilities etc. The department has a substantial number of faculty members experienced in their respective areas of specialization. A well designed planning of lessons and their deliberate execution by faculty using Moodle enables the students to get hold of recent trends in information and technology branch.

Students are encouraged to join various technical and non-technical forums, which in turn give them horizontal exposure to engineering concepts and technology.

We are confident that in accordance with our mission “Strive for Excellence”, our students will emerge as assets not only for this institution and for the organization they belong, but also for the country at large.

Faculty & Staff

Faculty List

# Name of Staff Designation Email ID Qualification & Specialization
1 Dr(Mrs)Sangeeta D Jadhav HOD & Professor BE (E&TC),ME(E&TC) – Specialization – Instrumentation,PhD - (Electronics)
2 Dr Jayadevan R Associate Professor B. Tech (CSE),M. E. (CSE),PhD (Comp. Engg.)
3 Dr Rahul Desai Assistant Professor BE (E&TC),M - Tech (E&TC) ,PhD Electronics - (Wireless Communication, Ad Hoc Network)
4 Ms Vaishali Ingale Assistant Professor ME (Computer)
5 Ms Ashwini Sapkal Assistant Professor ME(Computer),PhD - Computer (Neural Network)
6 Mrs Geeta Patil Assistant Professor ME(E&TC)
7 Mr GM Walunjkar Assistant Professor ME (Computer)
8 Mr Yuvraj Gholap Assistant Professor ME(Computer)
9 Ms Neelima Walde Assistant Professor ME(Computer)
10 Mr Sandeep Samleti Assistant Professor ME(Computer)
11 Ms Rupali Bagate Assistant Professor ME(Computer)
12 Ms Sita Yadav Assistant Professor ME(Computer)
13 Mrs Aparna S Joshi Assistant Professor ME(Computer)
14 Ms Archana Deokar Assistant Professor

Staff List

# Name of Staff Designation Email ID Qualification & Specialization
1 Mr.Manish Kumar Lab. Assistant BE (Comp)
2 Mr. Sandip Patil Lab. Assistant MCA
3 Mr. Ashok Jadhav Lab. Assistant Diploma in Information Technology
4 Ms. Seema Bheke Lab. Assistant BE(IT)

Students Roll

SrNoRegd NoRollNoName of Student
1163864201Shiva Krishna A
3164984203Abhishek Kumar
5164114205Ajay Singh
6164084206Amit Kumar Singh
7163944207Anjali Singh
8164844208Ankita Kumari
9164774209Arun Kumar Kushawaha
10164254210Astha Shukla
11163734211Bharat Swaroop Sharma
12164014212Bikrant Latwal
13165124213Deepa Yadav
14164124214Deepak Kulhar
15165064215Devendra Singh
16163714216Dilip Kumar
17164464217Durgendra Nath Upadhyay
18164694218Gaurav Singh
19165214219Gayatri Basera
20164764220Harsimrat Kaur
21164584221Himanshu Chandel
22164144222Jay Bahadur Pandey
23164304223Kritika Suman
24164654224Kulwinder Singh
25164664225Lalit Kumar
26165094226Mahesh Chandra
27162364227Md. Maniruzzaman
28164154228Munesh Kumar Yadav
30164044230Neeraj Singh Chamyal
31164204231Pankaj Solanki
32163974232Prachi Dwivedi
33164514233Puneet Kumar Mishra
34163724234Pushpender Singh
35164964235Rahul Chauhan
36163404236Rajesh Kumar
37163764237Rekita Supyal
38163954238Rohit Kumar
39164284239Satyajit Singh
41165044241Shahid Maula Kamirkar
42164864242Shweta Dhanajirao Patil
44163674245Sourav Sharma
45163924246Sumit Anil Kumar
46165294248Swaraj Surendra Patel
47164394249Ujjal BikasChandra Pal
48164934250Varsha Sugan Singh Kanwar
49164494251Veer Abhimanyu Singh
50163774252Vighnesh Omprakash Tiwari
51164924253Y Anusha
53165364255Sunny Sarma
54165844256Vishal Krishan
55164724257Sarthak Rajneesh
56166894258Abhijeet Singh
57167404259Subhendu Das Mohapatra
58165504260Anshaj Upadhyay
59179274261Pawan Ashok Phalak
60179304262Apurva Nandkumar Patne
SrNoRegd NoRollNoName of Student
1153014301Aashish Surendra Singh
2152934302Abhay Pratap Singh
3153734303Adhunika Sharma
4152874304Ajay Pratap Singh
5153844305Aman Kumar Singh
6152814306Amit Singh Chandel
7154464307Ankit Pathak
8154614308Arjun Yadav
9154304309Bhavesh Singh
10154014310Deepak Pandey
11153264311Deepanshu Luhach
12153634312Deepanshu Singh Rathore
13152794313Divya Kushwaha
14152474314Gopal Shekhawat
15154204315Harshit Singh
16153484316Himanshu Mishra
17154594317Ishwar Singh Bisht
18153624318Jeevan Jadon
19154384319Kajol Rana
20152634320Kriti Shukla
21153354321Manish Kumar
22154334322Manish Kumar
23152804323Manish Singh
24153614324Manoj Kumar
25153364325Mohd Hussain
26153144326Nikhil Wagh
27152654327Nitish Kumar
28153444328Piyush Jhinkwan
29154604329prabhakar Nath Singh
30153344330Prabhat Sharma
31154194331Pravendra Singh
32154164332Rahul Yadav
33153394333Rajeet Kaushal
34154034334Ravi Raj
35153034335Rawnak Kumari
36153764336Rohit Saroha
37153054337Sachin Rana
38153224338Sahil Mani
39154474339Sha Alam
40153494340Shantanu Salil
41153174341Shashank Rai
42154234342Shubham Chaturvedi
43153124343Smita Bendict
44154344344Sparsh Yadav
46153134346Umesh Patole
47153164347Varad Bhatnagar
48154174348Ved Pal
49153084349Vikas Yadav
50152624350Vikesh Singh
51154274351Vineet Kumar
52153954352Vishal Singh
53154754353Hare Shyam Sharma
54154814354Ritu Kanwar Shekhawat
55154704355Sneha Mane
56154134356Ajit Singh
57155684357Nitin Bisht
58156594358Adhish Singh
591610034359Chanchal Kumar Singh
60155084360Nikhil Roshan Kumar
SrNoRegd NoRollNoName of Student
1144204401Ajay Pratap Singh
3144104403Ameet Singh
4144824404Ankit Khatana
5144184405Ankur Yadav
6145554406Deepak Kumar Sharma
7144744407Dodda Somesh
8144074408Gagandeep Kumar
9146054409Himanshu Kumar Pandey
10145364410Hitesh Kumar
11145834411Jaswinder Singh
12145794412Jaya Singh
13143694413Jitender Nara
14143964414Kaushal Kumar Singh
15144814415Killada Lavanya
16144234416Kshitij Chaurasiya
17143854417Lakshmi Narayan Pandey
18144084418Manish Kumar
20145464420Mohammad Rafiullah Ansari
21145304421Mohd Shoaib Ansari
22145294422Mohit Kumar Bask
23143724423Mohit Singh
24143744424Nikhil Kumar
25145214425Pawan Kumar
26143454426Pramod Kumar
28146064428Priyanka Yadav
29144804429Pushpender Singh
30145574430Rakshit Choudhary
31145064431Salil Parmar
32145974432Sandeep Singh
33144764433Sanjay Giri
34146074434Sankalp Nigam
35144834435Satender Kumar
36145134436Shimita Rudra
37145844437Shubham Gaur
38143204438Shubham Sharma
39144684439Shubham Tripathi
40145964440Smita Yadav
41144774441Sumeet Kumar
42143384442Sumit Kumar Jha
43145684443T Ayesha
44145484444Tanya Saroha
45145524445Tushar Choudhary
46144034446Ujjawal Prakash
47145764447Vinay Kumar Lohan
48143374448Virendra Singh Bais
49144254449Vishwajeet Kumar
50143524450Yogesh Choudhary
51146234451Ashish Baliyan
52146104452Karamvir Singh
53144224453Pramod Kumar Bhatt
54146364454Arman Singh
55138384455Yogesh Malik
56147434456Anish Kumar
57146904457Bhupendra Singh Gadwal
58147464458Bhavin Kumar
60159024460Preetam Singh
61147384461Amit Kumar Upadhyay
62117304462Pravesh Kumar
63137174463Deepak Kumar
64116584464Bittu Kumar


S.E.(IT) 2017-18 (Sem I) Exam

Rank Name of the Student Percentage
1 Veer Abhimanyu Singh 82.13%
2 A Shiva Krishna 77.47%
3 Ajay Singh 77.33%

T.E.(IT) 2017-18 (Sem I)Exam

Rank Name of the Student Percentage
1 Kirti Shukla 81.07
2 Ankit Kumar Pathak
Diptanshu Singh Rathore
3 Abhay Pratap Singh 77.20

B.E.(IT) 2017-18 (Sem I) Exam

Rank Name of the Student Percentage
1 Priyanka Yadav 79.20%
2 Kshitij Chaurasiya 78.40%
3 Anish Kumar 78.27%


Grants by Faculty

Grants for Labs and Projects

Faculty Activities

Activity Year
Seminar/Workshop/STTP/FDP/Winter School Attended by Faculty 2016 to 2017
MOOC Courses Attended By Faculty in June 15-April 16 2015 to 2016
Paper published 2015-16 2014 to 2015
Paper published 2014-15 2014 to 2015
BCUD 2014-15 2014 to 2015
Lab Updation 2013-14 2013 to 2014
Workshops Courses Attended By Faculty in 13-14 2013 to 2014
Paper published 2013-14 2013 to 2014
Books Published 2013-14 2013 to 2014
BCUD 2013-14 2013 to 2014
Paper published 2012-13 2012 to 2013
Books Published 2012-13 2012 to 2013

Student Activity & Achivement

Activity Year
Student Activity For 2016-17 2016 to 2017
Student Activity For 2015-16 2015 to 2016
Internship_Summer Training 2014-15 2014 to 2015
Guest lecturers 2013-14 2013 to 2014
Student Achievements 2013 to 2014
Internship_Summer Training 2013-14 2013 to 2014
Student Achievements 2012 to 2013
Internship_Summer Training 2012-13 2012 to 2013
Guest lecturers 2012-13 2012 to 2013
Student Achievements 2011 to 2012
Student Achievements 2010 to 2011

FDP/ Conference

FDP Details Year
FDP & Workshop Session Details 2017 to 2018
FDP Session Details 2015 to 2016

Industrial Visits

Activity Year
Industrial Visits 2016 to 2017
Industry Institute Interaction 2014 to 2015
Industry Sponsored Projects 2014 to 2015
INDUSTRY VISIT FOR STUDENT 2014-15 2014 to 2015
INDUSTRY VISIT FOR STUDENT 2013-14 2013 to 2014
INDUSTRY VISIT FOR STUDENT 2012-13 2012 to 2013
Activities Under MOU

Workshops/ Guest Lectures

Activity Year
Workshop organised by IT Department 2016-2017 2016 to 2017
Workshop organised by IT Department 2015-2016 2015 to 2016
Workshop 2014-15 2014 to 2015
Guest Lectures 2014 to 2015
Seminars/Workshops/Guest Lectures 2013 to 2014
Workshop 2013-14 2013 to 2014
Seminars/Workshops/Guest Lectures 2012 to 2013
Seminars/Workshops/Guest Lectures 2011 to 2012
Seminars/Workshops/Guest Lectures 2010 to 2011
Seminars/Workshops/Guest Lectures 2009 to 2010

Research & Development

Courses in Collaboration with Industry
Year No of activities
2015-16 20
2014-15 17
2013-14 14
2012-13 11
Research Funded Projects
Year Research Grant Agency Amt in Rs
Granted BCUD / DST 17,15,000 /-
Applied and In Process UGC 11,20,000 /-
BCUD 10,20,000 /-
Research Funded Projects
Sr. No Name of Staff Name of Project Funding Organization Duration Budget (Rs.)
1 Dr. Jayadevan R Text Detection and Recognition from Indian Street Scene Images SERB, DST, New Delhi 2016-19 14,50,000
2 Mrs. Geeta Patil, Mr. Rahul Desai A Zig-Bee Based Intelligent Self Adjusting Sensor and Energy Management system for home Automation BCUD, SPPU 2013-15 1,05,000
3 Dr. (Mrs) Sangeeta Jadhav, Prof. Rupali Bagate Navigation System Using Optical Flow Detection Technique for Visually Impaired BCUD, SPPU 2014-16 85,000
4 Prof. Gajajnan Walunjkar, Prof. Y N Gholap Man Machine Interaction using fuzzy Recognizer for application automation and authentication with performance analysis. BCUD, SPPU 2014-16 75,000
5 Dr. (Mrs) Sangeta Jadhav Fourth International Conference on Computational Science, Engineering and Information Technology(CCSEIT) BCUD, SPPU Under QIP 2014 1,00,000
6 Dr. (Mrs) Sangeeta Jadhav, Prof Rahul Desai 3-days faculty development programme on "Advances in Machine Learning and Image Processing“ BCUD, SPPU 2015 1,00,000
Research Funded Projects (Submitted and In Process)
Sr. No Name of Staff Name of Project Funding Organization Budget (Rs.)
1 Rahul Desai Real Time Routing Protocol Optimization for Battlefield Management System using Machine Learning Approach UGC Minor Projects 4,70,000
2 Ashwini Sapkal Development of an Intelligent Adaptive Irrigation Controller using Recurrent Neural Network UGC Minor Projects 4,00,000
3 Geeta Patil MAGIC PALM: Developing new low power Motion Sensor for Desktop Application UGC Minor Projects 2,50,000
4 Rahul Desai , Geeta Patil Investigation and Implementation of Secured Web Based Embedded System using IPSec based on Real Time Linux BCUD, SPPU 1,80,000
5 Vaishali Ingale , Ashwini Sapkal Scalable and Secure Sharing of personal Health Records (PHR) in Cloud Computing BCUD, SPPU 1,80,000
6 Nilima Walde , Rahul Desai Reinforcement Learning Based Spectrum Aware Routing in Cognitive Radio Networks BCUD, SPPU 3,80,000
7 Savita Mangalore, Aparna Joshi, Archana Shelar Efficiency Inventory Management System using Machine Learning BCUD, SPPU 2,80,000
Faculty Publication
Year National Conferences International Conferences International Journals Books
2015-16 1 2 2 0
2014-15 1 6 8 1
2013-14 8 16 24 2
2012-13 2 2 2 4
2011-12 2 2 1 1 + 01 Patent

Industry Institute Interaction

Industry-Academia Collaboration

SrNo Name of Faculty Name of Industry
1 Dr (Mrs) Sangeeta Jadhav SSIT Education & S/W Services
2 Dr. R Jayadevan Persistent Systems
3 Rahul Desai Bharat Forge & Cybage Ltd
4 Vaishali Ingale Kirti Developer & IBM
5 Ashwini Sapkal Reliance JIO
6 Geeta Patil Principal Global Services, Pvt. Ltd, Pune
7 Gajanan Walunjkar IBM India Pvt. ltd
8 Savita Mangalore TATA Motors
9 Nilima Walde Bharat Forge
10 Sandeep Samleti Accenture
11 Yuvraj Gholap Infosys
12 Sita Yadav Wipro
13 Aparna Joshi Water Resource Dept.Maharashtra State
14 Arun Arunachalam Cisco

MOUs Signed with Industry

Industry MOUs


The department is equipped with state of art, Ultra-modern and sophisticated programming labs and classrooms with fully updated faculty. The department has a well-established LAN of 120 IBM and HP machines. The ambience and the ergonomic design of the labs enhance students' appetite for acquiring programming skills. The internet facility with 75Mbps leased line and Wi-Fi is available to the students.

The department has following

  • Programming Lab I & Lab II equipped with latest PCs used for programming in C & C++.
  • Lab III equipped with high configuration PCs with 2 servers used for .NET, Networking Labs etc.
  • All systems are dual boot.
  • An ultra modern lecture hall equipped with video projection systems and class room for conventional as well as e-learning needs of the student.
Software :
  • Oracle 10g - 100 user
  • IBM Rational Software Architect - 30 user
  • IBM Rational Suite Enterprise – 30 user
  • Packet Tracer 5.3
  • Network Simulator 2 and 3
  • Visual Studio 2010

Software Lab-I

Software Lab-I

Laboratory Incharge : Prof. R. Jayadevan

Lab Assistant : Mr. Rahul Chaudhari

Area of Laboratory : 67.87 Sq. Mtr

Laboratory Resources

Hardware : HP EliteDesk 800 G1 TWR

Software : Operating System : Windows 8.1/ Ubantu 14,Oracle 10g,IBM Rational Software Architect, IBM Rational Suite Enterprise, Visual Studio 6.0, JDK1.6, Eclipse, Turbo C,C++, Visual Studio 10, SQL Server 2008, Office 2007

Practicals Conducted : Software Lab - I, Web technology, Information Security Lab, Computer Lab ,Practices Lab I, OSDL

Utilization of Laboratory :TE & BE

Incubation Center/Project Lab (IT)

Incubation Center/Project Lab (IT)

Laboratory Incharge : Prof.Mrs.Savita Manglore

Lab Assistant : Mr. Rahul Chaudhari

Area of Laboratory : 53.76 Sq. Mtr

Laboratory Resources

Hardware :HP Compact Pro 6300 MicroTower,HP Compact Elite 8300 Microtower,IBM ThinkCenter etc..

Software :Operating System : Windows 7/ Ubantu 14, JDK1.6, Eclipse, Turbo C,C++, Office 2007

Practicals Conducted :

Utilization of Laboratory :SE,TE & BE

IT Programming Lab 3

IT Programming Lab 3

Laboratory Incharge : Mr Rahul Desai

Lab Assistant : Mr Manish Kumar

Area of Laboratory : 90.58 Sq.Mtr

Laboratory Resources

Hardware :IBM PC Think Center DC, i3 Workstation, HP Scanner G2410, LCD Projector, 11KVA UPS, PA System etc.

Software :Windows 8.1 /Ubuntu 14, JDK1.6, Eclipse, Turbo C,C++, Packet Tracer, NS2.34, AutoCad 2004, Visual Studio 10, SQL Server 2012, Office 2010

Practicals Conducted : Software Lab - I, Web technology, Information Security Lab, Computer Lab Practices Lab I

Utilization of Laboratory :TE& BE

Class Room

Class Room

Laboratory Incharge :

Lab Assistant :

Area of Laboratory : 81.38 Sq.Mtr

Laboratory Resources

Hardware : Desktop PC ,LCD Projector ,Internet, Moodle Facility ,Wi-Fi Connectivity

Software Lab-II / R & D Lab

Software Lab-II / R & D Lab

Laboratory Incharge : Prof Gajanan Walunjkar

Lab Assistant : Mr Prashant Gaikwad

Area of Laboratory : 81.00 Sq. Mtr

Laboratory Resources

Hardware :HP EliteDesk 800 G1 TWR, intel Core i5,HP 6300 i5 Promicro Tower , CiSCO SRW 2024 ( 24 Port),10 KVA UPS & Battery 12 V SMF 26AH,DLP Projector Panasonic

Software :Operating System : Windows 8.1/ Ubantu 14,Oracle 10g,IBM Rational Software Architect, IBM Rational Suite Enterprise,Visual Studio 6.0, JDK1.6, Eclipse, Turbo C,C++, Visual Studio 10, SQL Server 2008, Office 2007

Practicals Conducted : Software Lab - IV, Software Lab Information Storage and Retrieval Lab, Operating Systems Lab, Employability Skill Development Laboratory, Software Lab-V

Utilization of Laboratory :TE & BE

IT Programming Lab 2

IT Programming Lab 2

Laboratory Incharge : Mrs. Geeta Patil

Lab Assistant : Mr Sandeep Patil

Area of Laboratory : 81.38 Sq.Mtr

Laboratory Resources

Hardware :HP i5 6300 Pro Micro Tower, HP Compaq Elite 8300 Micro Tower, Lenovo D2C , Think Center, IBM Think Center, LCD Projector Sharp Model,7.5 KVA UPS

Software :Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8/Fedora 19, Oracle 10g,, Visual Studio 6.0, JDK1.6, Eclipse, Turbo C,C++, Visual Studio 10, SQL Server 2008, Office 2007

Practicals Conducted : Database Management systems Lab, Fundamentals of Programming Languages – I, Fundamentals of Programming Languages -II, Computer Laboratory Practices - I & Computer Laboratory Practices Lab II.

Utilization of Laboratory :For TE, BE & FE

IT Programming Lab 1

IT Programming Lab 1

Laboratory Incharge : Ms Vaishali Ingle

Lab Assistant : Mr Ashok Jadhav

Area of Laboratory : 81.38 Sq.Mtr

Laboratory Resources

Hardware :HP i5 6300 Pro Micro Tower, HP i5 6200 Pro Micro Tower, Lenovo D2C, IBM Think Center, HP LaserJet Printer 1020, HP - 7400 Scanner, 7.5 KVA UPS

Software :Windows 7/Windows 8/Fedora 19, Oracle 10g,IBM Rational Software Architect, IBM Rational Suite Enterprise, Visual Studio 6.0, JDK1.6, Eclipse, Turbo C,C++, Visual Studio 10, SQL Server 2008, Office 2007

Practicals Conducted : Programming Lab, Fundamentals of Programming Languages – I, Fundamentals of Programming Languages -II,Computer Laboratory Practices - I & Computer Laboratory Practices Lab II.

Utilization of Laboratory :For SE, BE & FE